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Do they really help?  Should I take golf lessons? Canít I just improve watching golf instruction videos? Donít I just need a new set of clubs? These are some of the most asked questions.

Are you satisfied with your game?

Golf lessons can be beneficial for most people but not everyone. To help decide if you should take lessons, first decide if you are happy with your game? You could be shooting scores in the mid 90ís but be perfectly happy or be shooting in the 70ís and feel you could be improving. The point is regardless of what you shoot on the golf course; if you are happy with your golf game, skip the lessons.

 Do you have time and are you willing to practice and be open minded?

Do you have the time and inclination to practice and are you open-minded to try new things and trust the teacherís instruction? If not, save your money and skip lessons. If you feel you can and will improve, then read on.

Do golf lessons really help?

How useful the lessons are depends largely on you. The lessons themselves are no more magical than a new set of clubs. Itís not the clubs; itís how well you use them. Likewise, itís not the lessons; itís how long and well you practice what you are taught.

Advice for new golfers.

The proper swing is easiest to learn when you have no bad habits to correct. If you are a beginner interested in learning to play golf, taking lessons at the start will allow you to learn the fundamentals and allow you game to develop quicker. Skipping lessons at this crucial stage could set you back in your development.

To make lessons work.

The cornerstone to successful lessons is finding a skilled instructor (such as myself) and most importantly, you must have the desire and dedication to follow through with the swing change by practicing diligently.

Your golf teacher provides the key to your improvement, you must make the change.

Your golf teacher can give you the key points to improve your swing. They will show you the proper technique to help you feel and visualise the correct positions and motion and give you routines to practice. You must be prepared that you will probably hit the ball poorly and become frustrated whilst learning the swing change. Your swing will want to go back to it Ďold habitsí every step of the way.

Have fun while learning, set yourself reasonable expectations.

The key is to work with your instructor, vary your drills and make them fun. This shouldnít feel like boot camp. Donít set your expectations too high for your first swing change. Allow yourself time to improve. Once you see the first change start to take hold and your game improve you will get an enormous boost both mentally and emotionally.

 You will become a believer for life, that golf lessons, given by a properly trained and skilled teacher (like myself) work.

Top Tip

Quality practice.

Quality practice does not only have to happen at the driving range. Many top instructors recommend practicing at home without a ball to focus your attention on posture, balance, body position and movements without having to concentrate on hitting a ball.


Remember! Practice and repetition is the name of the game.